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Thursday, January 9, 2014

State Aid to TUHSD will not Increase with New State Funding Formula

For the past several years, about 96% of Tamalpais Union High School District revenue has been generated locally through property taxes, parcel taxes, and foundation fundraising.  Community members are sometimes surprised to find out that roughly 3% of our district revenue comes from state aid.  This very low percentage is the result of cuts from the state of California during the years of the recent recession.
It is important for our parents, staff, and community to understand that despite reports in the media about increases to school funding because of a new law known as "Local Control Funding Formula," or "LCFF," the Tamalpais Union High School District will not receive an increase in state funding.  The state revenue cuts we experienced during the recession will not be restored and our district will continue to rely almost exclusively on local funding.  About 90% of the school districts in California will experience increases in state aid over the coming years due to the rather complicated new formula, which increases the amount of funding for low-income and English Language Learner students.  However, TUHSD is one of about 10% of school districts in California that will not see an increase in state revenue as a result of the "Local Control Funding Formula."
One positive aspect of the new formula is that TUHSD will be "held harmless" at our 2012-2013 state aid level.  In other words, the state cannot cut our funding even lower than they already have.
Another very interesting aspect of the "Local Control Funding Formula" law is that all districts, including those who receive no additional money, will be held accountable to the state laws through the creation and submission of "Local Control Accountability Plans."  Although the State Board of Education has not yet released the specific template, TUHSD will need to create a written plan that will include details of how we are spending locally-generated money to increase the achievement of our low income and English Language Learner students.  Fortunately, our district strategic plan addresses issues of student achievement, and we already have plans in place to assist all students--including those from low-income families and English Language Learners.
As more information about the "Local Control Accountability Plan" becomes available from the State Board of Education, it will be posted on the TUHSD website at www.tamdistrict.org.

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